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Belarus Headlines, 09

Belarus Headlines


Belarus, one of the world's most repressive states, was blocked Thursday from gaining membership on the United Nations Human Rights Council after being outvoted in favor of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a late entry. Human rights groups had been campaigning for weeks to head off the once seemingly assured choice of Belarus after the Eastern European group submitted only Belarus and Slovenia as candidates for the two seats from its region. Wes... Болей »

Belarus Headlines, 08

Belarus Headlines


Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko made his first official visit to Azerbaijan on Wednesday, bringing together the leaders of two countries seeking to lessen their energy dependence on Russia. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliev said his country is seeking to diversify ways to bring its Caspian Sea oil to Western markets and supports a plan to pump oil across Ukraine and into Poland via the Odessa-Brody pipeline, a route that would... Болей »

Belarus Headlines, 07

Belarus Headlines


On April 27, the Office for a Democratic Belarus in Brussels, in cooperation with Hanse-Office (Germany), organized an information evening dedicated to the 21st anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Organizers of the event presented a report on the consequences of the nuclear catastrophe and the current policy of the Belarusian government towards the liquidators and the population of the contaminated areas. You can find a full version ... Болей »

Belarus Headlines, 06

Belarus Headlines


Dear friends and colleagues, The Office for a Democratic Belarus and the Hanse-Office in Brussels would like to invite you to the Chernobyl information evening and documentary film screening to take place on Friday, 27th of April, at 19.00. Hanse-Office - Joint Representation of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and the State of Schleswig-Holstein to the EU - Avenue Palmerston 20 B-1000 Brussels. Even today, 21 years after the expl... Болей »

Belarus Headlines, 05

Belarus Headlines


The Belarusian Freedom Day was marked by a number of cultural events in Brussels. The holiday, celebrated on the 25th of March, commemorates the Belarusian People’s Republic, proclaimed in 1918. The Freedom Day is traditionally ignored by the Belarusian authorities on one hand, and widely celebrated by the Belarusian opposition on another. Last year’s Freedom Day was a culmination of the street protests in Minsk. Screening of the docume... Болей »

Belarus Headlines, 04

Belarus Headlines


The Administrative Offence Code of the Republic of Belarus and the Penalty Procedures Code of the Republic of Belarus about administrative offences come into force. This legislation introduces a new measure of administrative punishment - deportation for foreign citizens and stateless persons for committing a range of administrative offences (earlier this procedure was regulated by the Immigration Law of the Republic of Belarus of 29 Dec... Болей »

Belarus Headlines, 03

Belarus Headlines


Austrian bank will invest 1.3 billion dollars Austrian's Raiffeisen Bank will invest the equivalent of 1.3 billion dollars in Belarusian business during 2007, a senior government official said on Monday. The one billion Euro sum will go into Belarusian banking, manufacturing, fund investment, and export financing, said Sergei Sidorskiy, Belarusian Prime Minister, according to a Belapan news wire report. Sidorskiy made the announcement a... Болей »

Belarus Headlines, 02

Belarus Headlines


Lukashenko Reiterates Desire to Improve Relations with EU President Alexander Lukashenko said he counts on France's assistance in helping intensify the dialogue between Belarus and the European Union. "Belarus is interested in intensifying cooperation with the French Republic, primarily because o f France's significant role in t he political and economic life of Europe," Lukashenko said when receiving new French Ambassador to Belarus Mi... Болей »

Belarus Headlines, 01

Belarus Headlines


On Sunday, February 4, riot police detained about 30 members of the youth organization Young Front. It happened when a session of the central committee of the organization was taking place in a private apartment on Tsnyanskaya Street in Minsk. On the same day, search operations were conducted in apartments of several members of the YF. The detained were taken to police department of the Savetski district of Minsk. They managed to inform... Болей »

CD, Студэнцкая Думка, 03/2003

CD, Студэнцкая Думка


Red list...: Маё цела сыграла са мной злы жарт... Гэта калі аднойчы ўстаеш з ложку, падыходзіш да люстра і замест сябе бачыш недарэчнасьць. Сінякі пад вачыма, чырвоныя вочы і агульная пакамечанасьць ніяк ня ўказваюць на тое, што ў цябе толькі-толькі скончылася другая дзесяцігодка жыцьця. "Гэта ня я, гэта не маё цела і я яго баюся" ў такім выпадку гучыць досыць аб'ектыўна, але малааптымістычна. Уласнае цела трэба не баяцца, а вывучаць (у... Болей »